Here's a list of our frequently asked questions. Hopefully you find an answer to yours here but if not don't be afraid to contact us. We won't bite, promise!

Are you licensed & insured?

Maintain Plumbing and Gas is fully licenced, and able to provide a certificate of compliance in both plumbing and gas-fitting.

Maintain Plumbing and Gas is an insured company with public liability of $10,000.00, this cover protects you and your property of any accidental damages.

What is a certificate of compliance?
Compliance Certificates are issued by licensed plumbers to certify that their plumbing work complies with all regulatory requirements. You should receive a Compliance Certificate for most plumbing work, including:

You should receive your Compliance Certificates within five days of completion of plumbing work. Only a licensed plumber may purchase and issue Compliance Certificates.

All work subject to a Compliance Certificate carries insurance to protect the consumer against defective work of the plumbing practitioner. You should retain your Certificate for six years as evidence of cover.

How much do you charge?

Maintain Plumbing & Gas does not charge a call out fee during normal working hours (Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm).

After hours rates are charged for any work performed on weekends, public holidays or any weekday outside of the normal working hours outlined above. Any call outs outside of standard working hours are charged at premium hourly rate which will can discuss with you over the phone before the clock starts ticking.

Gas fitting and backflow are both charged at slightly higher rates, as the work requires additional licensing and are specialised fields. Again, we're happy to discuss this over the phone.

All rates charged are inclusive of GST. All labour, fittings, fixtures and/or materials will be outlined on the quote/invoice provided rather than just receiving a total sum at the end without knowing what you're paying for.

Will you be on time?

Yes, Maintain Plumbing & Gas prides itself on reliability and does their best to inform the customer of arrival times and if they are running late.

Do you provide free quotes?

We most certainly do! Maintain Plumbing & Gas is more than happy to talk over the phone or meet on site for a free no obligation quote. Alternatively fill out the form on our contact us page if you're a little shy.

What are your payment options?

Maintain Plumbing & Gas generally prefers payment on the day. We can provide mobile eftpos facilities accepting Visa and MasterCard otherwise cash or cheque are fine on the day. Alternatively we can provide you our bank details for a direct deposit.

For our approved business clients we can also offer 7, 14, 30 day accounts we applicable.

Ideally any/all of these options should be discussed prior to commencement of the job to save embarrassment to either party upon completion.

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